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Verwandte Künstler: My name is khan, In the shadows, In the valley below, In the woods, Papa to kiss in the dark, A day in the life, Caught in the act, Chris oliver & anita - i sing in the rain

Aaron Shust - My hope is in you lyrics

meet with You and my soul sings out As your word throws ... doubt far away I sing to You and my heart cries ... "Holy! Hallelujah, Father, You're near!" My hope is in You, Lord All the day

Hillsong Australia - My hope - hope lyrics

see Your face I will arise and lift my eyes to see ... Your majesty, Your holiness All I am will bless You ... My hope is in the Name of the Lord Where my

Nick Cave - The moon is in the gutter lyrics

moon is in the gutter And the stars wash down the sink I ... am the king of the blues I scape the clay off my shoes And wade down the ... gutter and the moon The moon blinds my eye with opal

A Sound Of Thunder - My name is doom (the doctor is in) lyrics

your many tears I have nothing for your life You have ... say so much of me People think that I can change They say ... that I am mad, they say that I am cruel And

Dark Moor - In the heart of stone lyrics

t fight Don't plead for seeing the light you don't gaze the mean face don't try to pray ... your shame now your life is impregnated of blame ... of kill me but don't bury my soul i'm dreaming, i'm

Hillsong Youth - Faith in the unseen lyrics

In The Unseen by Braden Lang ... Hillsong INTRO: Bm D A Em Bm D A ... Bm D Light to the world A To the wounded Em To

Beirut - My wife, lost in the wild lyrics

would I be? You're lost in the

Dj Ötzi - My bonnie is over the ocean lyrics

bonnie is over the ocean MY bonnie is over the sea MY ... bonnie is over the ocean oh bring back my ... bonnie to me. MY bonnie is over the ocean MY bonnie is

Kirk Franklin - My life is in your hands lyrics

t you be afraid Joy comes in the morning Troubles they don't ... last always For there's a friend in Jesus Who ... tears away And if your heart is broken Just lift your hands

Boards Of Canada - The devil is in the details lyrics

relax And enjoy this pleasant adventure Here you ... are, secure and protected In this, your special place ... Letting my voice flow into your mind You don't need

Lake Street Dive - My heart's in the right place lyrics

your pace ‘til you’re tumbling lost my socks; thought I ... had bet on a sure thing Worn through Keds have nothing on drunk desperation it ... on who needs friends who think you’re just someone to flake

Karen Elson - The truth is in the dirt lyrics

truth is in the dirt on the ground The truth is in the ... dirt on the ground Not in your gilded cage with your ... rusted spoon When the ground splits open it will

Belasco - In the garden lyrics

sad What I have done for gain I'm doing it on my own ... Got to push through 'cos there's nobody home And I will ... Yeah, you're so pure What the big cheese wants The big gun

Icon Of Coil - The soul is in the b-side lyrics

you Turn to years Meet the pain Breathing concrete At the sky Neglecting the sun ... Remember feelings The things you did Beneath the ... answers Deep within You'll hear my screams The

Elevation Worship - The lord is my rock lyrics

the waters rise My hope is sure When life falls apart ... I stand secure When my way is dark Your light ... feel you near Your word is true Jesus your love

Elevation Worship - The lord is my rock / god you lifted me out lyrics

the waters rise My hope is sure When my world falls ... apart I stand secure When my way is dark Your light ... t feel you near Your word is true [Pre-Chorus:] Jesus

Dark Funeral - In the sign of the horns lyrics

Music & Lyrics by Lord Ahriman & Blackmoon] ... Unholy master Satan, take my blackened soul Show me the ... secret gate Where the lord of darkness rule Take away my life Take it far away

Gateway Worship - I hear the lord passing by lyrics

I hear the Lord passing by This could be my day of ... visitation Have mercy on me, Lord Hear my cry of desperation ... I hear the Lord passing by BRIDGE My heart, my

Planetshakers - My hope lyrics

lay down my life before You Lord Stand here in wonder of Your ... Love Lord I live for You alone You're ... worthy of all praise All of Heaven shouts Your

Hillsong United - All my hope lyrics

in my darkness Peace for my soul You are my rescue You ... ve never let go All my hope is in You All my strength is ... in You With every breath My soul will rest in You All the earth beneath You All my

Kevin Fowler - The lord loves the drinkin' man lyrics

Lord loves the drinkin' man Sends honkey tonk angels ... to the promise land I hear that he can turn ... water to wine Any man that can do that is ... a good friend of mine I've been baptized in beer,

Israel & New Breed - Who is like the lord lyrics

"Who is like the Lord, nobody." "Who is ... like the Lord, no, no, no, no, no, nobody. ... " "Who is like the Lord, nobody." "Who is

Byron Cage - The presence of the lord lyrics

presence of the Lord is here (2x's) I feel it in the ... atmosphere, The presence of the Lord is here, oh (2x's) The spirit of the Lord is here(2x ... s) I feel it in the atmosphere, The spirit of the Lord is here, oh(2x's) The

Deathspell Omega - Jubilate deo (o be joyful in the lord) lyrics

men Pregnant nymphets hast they become Defiled with divine ... Organic procreation, mind-intromission; there comes the ... salvation Pubescent vaginas obstructed with the

Jedi Mind Tricks - Fire in the sky lyrics lyrics

ladies and gentlemen, this is Drew Pearson. We bring you this special radio-television ... broadcast in order to give you the very ... latest information on an amazing phenomenon. Government and

Planetshakers - In the highest lyrics

arms I've found love unfailing Grace abounds to me ... Never let me go I'll trust in You forever You're my ... strength, my joy All of my hope is found in You All of my

Don Moen - Trust in the lord lyrics

Trust in the Lord with all your heart And lean ... not on your own understanding In all your ways acknowledge Him ... keeps you will not slumber The Lord is near unto all them

Schultz Mark - All things possible lyrics

will call on Your name For there’s always a way When You ... ] Even when it feels like the light is fading And I’ve ... lost my way Still I’m holding on to the One who’s making

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - The lord lyrics

do you get for trying? Minute you're born you're dying. ... The body is six feet down.The Lord says the soul sticks ... gonna do. I'm gonna believe in the Lord. You can believe

The Hives - My time is coming lyrics

hear the whisper in the wind You hear that I've come ... back again Thought I was dead and gone ... but my light's still on And my time is coming You see I

Moby lyricsMoby - Hope is gone lyrics

look like the man I knew once or twice So ... like ice You look like the man I've seen here before ... now, just leave me now Close the door, All my time's run out

Nick Cave - God is in the house lyrics

ve laid the cables and the wires We've split the wood ... and stoked the fires We've lit our town so there is no Place for crime to ... hide Our little church is painted white And in the safety

Haylie Duff - Girl in the band lyrics lyrics

up in the morning Looking a little rough Today I ... don’t know who I am Today is not enough So I go up to the mirror Strike another pose ... bad with every change of clothes But everything I see is me,

Mat Kearney lyricsMat Kearney - Ships in the night lyrics lyrics

ships in the night You keep passing me by ... Just wasting time Trying to prove who’s right And if ... it all goes crashing into the sea If it's just you and me

Richard Smallwood - In the shelter lyrics

1: There is a place where winds don't blow, sorrow or pain ... love and protection surround my soul; in the shelter of Your ... arms. Verse 2: Lord in Your arms there is much peace

Revive - My hope lyrics

have we lost in the name of progress? What have ... we gained in the wake of our success? I don't ... want to live like this, how can we live like this? ... What have we built that is everlasting? I don't want to

Bethel Music - Hope's anthem lyrics

1 He's awakening the hope in me By calling forth my destiny He's breathing life Into ... Pre Chorus He has come like the rain That showers on the ... barren plain So my heart and tongue confess

Jurassic 5 - In the flesh lyrics

Chorus: repeat 2X] It's the J-U-R-A Capital S another S ... I-C 5 MC's in the flesh Bound to catch wreck ... Hit the deck Cause we'll pop the ... trunk Plus the tape on your cassette I'm

William Matthews - Hope's anthem lyrics

s Anthem written by William Matthews ... & Christa Black (Key: B) He's awakening the hope in me By calling ... forth my destiny He's breathing life into my soul I will

Matt Redman - My hope lyrics

hope is built On nothing less Than Jesus' blood and ... I dare not trust The sweetest frame But wholly ... lean On Jesus' name When the mountains are falling When the waters are rising I shall be

Defeater - Beggin' in the slums lyrics

ain't been sleeping well these days I lie awake listening ... to the trains Wishing for one of them To come ... take me away Lost my way every place I've been

Lunar Path - In the end lyrics

step in the fire. Step in the fire that's been burning down ... your house. See, see all the faces. See all the people ... that's been hurting you in your life. Fight on

I Set My Friends On Fire - Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder lyrics

t piss down my back then tell me it is raining. ... You just had to walk in before I kicked the table ... beneath my feet. If I can't have any ... I thought why not hang from the ceiling. Just because I

Deee-lite - Groove is in the heart lyrics

going to dance We’re going to dance We’re going to ... And have some fun Dig The chills that you spill Up my ... back keep me filled With satisfaction when we’re done Satisfaction of what’s to come I

Prince - My name is prince lyrics

My name is Prince and I am funky My name is ... Prince the one and only I did not come ... your daughter I won't leave this town In the beginning God ... made the sea But on the 7th day he made me He was

Ruler - conspiracy lyrics

..As I invoke you in this dark and cold night Oh my ... master I need your fine mind A good servant henceforth I ... A humble soldier... When the fire of evil burns high Look

Seventh Wonder - In the blink of an eye lyrics

silence It falls before my eyes No light In darkest ... night My mind it Dreams of those who ... fall asleep This life This quiet plight You can hear

The Black Keys - My mind is ramblin lyrics

mind is ramblin' From place to place Tell ... love me Say that you'll be mine Yeah-hee yeah-hee Yeah ... oh~oh Oh-hoh Oh~oh~oh~oh My mind is ramblin' From place

Danko Jones - My time is now (bonus track) lyrics

m gonna try, do everything I wanna do I'm gonna do ... everything I always wanted to I'm ... gonna live when I look my fears right in the eye I'm ... day that I'm alive No waiting My time is now Yeah No

Donovan - My love is true (love song) lyrics

heart is like a flower for my love That blooms as I hold ... But it's rooted deep in fear, just as heavy as a tear ... That whisper low, her lover is not for me. My love is

Electric Six - Future is in the future lyrics

than I’m a mime, If time is money than I’m out of time ... And you know that I’m the answer Die slow die fast now ... Cause its never going to last now We’ll karaoke

Hardwell - Everybody is in the place lyrics

body is in the place (8x) LETS GO! ... Every body is in the place (8x) LETS GO

George Jones - The ghost of another man lyrics

s living in that big old house That he ... was built by me He's playing with the baby That belongs ... a woman That was held by these two hands It must be leaving hell to live With a ghost

Melissa Etheridge - God is in the people lyrics

keep thinking life is what it's not We keep building this impossible facade Why ... do we keep trying to turn people into gods ... When God is in the people God is in the

Nightcore - God is in the rain (suicide commando) (nightc.. lyrics

given (Us a) world of lies (The) blind, crippled, and diseased Death is coming over me ... God is real Believe me God is real ... Release me God is real Abuse me God watches

Aimee Allen - In the sun lyrics

want to live in my TV Where everyone is so ... happy I wanna color me pink Smile at everything ... Believe in love so much It makes me sing la la, la la, la la la

Joseph Arthur - In the sun lyrics

picture you in the sun wondering what went wrong And falling ... down on your knees asking for sympathy And being ... caught in between all you wish for and all you seen And

The Dubliners - The sun is burning lyrics

sun is burning in the sky Strands of clouds go ... slowly drifting by In the park the lazy bees Are droning in the flowers, among the ... trees And the sun burns in the sky Now the sun is in the

Enya - White is in the winter night lyrics

you seen the mistletoe, it fills the night ... with kisses Have you seen the bright blue star, it fills ... your heart with wishes Have you seen the ... candlelight, it shines from every window Have you

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