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Verwandte Künstler: Eyes of azrael, Eyes of eden, Eyes of mars, Eyes of noctum, Eyes of shiva, Eyes of the ranger, Eyes & ryan keen, Eyes set to kill

Madilyn Bailey - Eyes open - taylor swift (cover by madilyn ba.. lyrics

s waiting Everybody's watching Even when you're ... sleeping Keep your ey-eyes open The tricky thing Is ... yesterday we were just children Playing soldiers Just pretending

Rainbow - Eyes of the world lyrics

to get to his door No chain of events Can settle him down ... He's not a man anymore Evil moves, evil ways ... Without seeing at all You ain't got a lot to say Judging

Blitzkrieg - Eyes of the world lyrics

laugh at me because I'm different I pity you, ... you're all the same Can we see What we should be? ... If we try, we can make a difference It's not too late

Amon Amarth - Eyes of horror lyrics

night I see through eyes of a different lunatic And every ... night I fantasie in trancial mesmeric All alone inside ... my head within my padded cell Ruled by thoughts

Crimson Moonlight - Eyes of beauty lyrics

time ago, but still in this age There was a man, seeking ... the answers For the questions of ... life An angel, so beautiful arrived By his side and let ... his voice be heard: "I'll give you what

Jon Secada - Eyes of a fool lyrics

did I see? What made me believe? How could I ... believe? That you really loved me? What did I veel ... That moment I handed my world to you And I, ... I was captured by your lies Lost in all your

Cloudscape - Eyes of jealousy lyrics

lies she tried to hide her anger doesn't care she's alone in silence no tears, ... she tried to close her eyes No lies, she's being ... honest everyone looked down at her if she could cry she'd

Emerald Sun - Eyes of prophecy lyrics

Is the path that takes you in To meet your ... secret dream That you're keeping in your fantasy Sleep, In the night on a magical tree Close your eyes

Hamka - Eyes of twilight part 2 lyrics

island appears in the light A peaceful place seems to be far away Ancient people take ... the sight For hundred years they've lived here day by day Day by day... Turning my

Icon ( Usa ) - Eyes of a prisoner lyrics

children, Waiting for the night Looking ... for reasons If only to survive Some ... runaways Left behind to make their way But you are the ... fortunate one Who'll break the chains And make them stay home What do we see?

Axxis - Eyes of child lyrics

eyes open wide My dreams in the night So crazy so ... wild When i was a child No greed and no hate ... I followed my fate Could see angels fly And ... I could cry Childlike, you can see the world through

Axxis - Eyes of the darkness lyrics

out the wings of night Overtaking all mankind getting back ... the crown to rule again over the kingdom of night ! ... Now the time has come, when he opens up his eyes... ...the eyes of the darkness Can you hear the

Beto Vazquez Infinity - Eyes of destiny lyrics

I will steal your soul and the last whisper please ... let me be your destiny at least for one night my life, my ... rage,my madness I want you (to) cry the night when

Born From Pain - Eyes of the world lyrics

harshness, with will to kill, ... seeds are sown Looking back, looking forward, we're too ... far gone Feeding frenzy, ... fueled by profit, ever take Consequences now revealing slowly lead into the flames Ticking timebomb.

Crystal Eyes - Eyes of the forest gloom lyrics

so the story began with me falling into a dream where the ... forest were calling Closer and closer the twilight was dragging me down to the unknown ... So here I am all alone in the tree land,

Doobie Brothers - Eyes of silver lyrics

of silver hungry and aware Eyes of silver, your mystic love I ... share 'Cause I'm hungry baby For the love you give away ... Kick out all that stupid pride That's standin

Hellsystem - Eyes of the demon (vs predator) lyrics

can't stop, won't stop Never ... stop, won't stop [3x] Ca-can't stop, won't stop Never ... stop 'Ey yo, we can't stop, won't stop Never ... stop, won't stop We can't stop, won't stop We

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Starring through the eyes of the dead lyrics

Music by Webster, Owen] Why can't ... I breathe Still I see Dead on the table Try to move, ... I'm not able to They said I have died I still felt alive I won't believe their

Dark Empire - Eyes of defiance lyrics

but I've just begun Rebirth by the barrel of a gun. Vengeance racing through my heart. ... No end until you're torn apart. Fear inspired, The eyes of defiance see the truth. Hate transpires, The eyes of

Raunchy - Eyes of a storm lyrics

pulse races faster than my mind can follow Chasing after my vengeful self Through ... a relentless path of destruction I've become ... its passenger Seeing now what has passed Just slow down,

Seventh One - Eyes of the nation lyrics

me how a way to escape from the memories Close my ... eyes fall into dreaming again Make the minf unravel the ... thoughts that imprison us Moments shift ... fragments reveal the concealed Through darkened times

Eden's Curse - Eyes of the world lyrics

the weight Of this world's heavy on my ... shoulders Too many problems, too much trouble ... like this Whole world's staring at me So much, to blame, ... so much to criticize Now that I've filled my Heart with

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Eyes of the vulture lyrics

as seen through a vultures eyes Four hundred feets above a ... sunlit sky Dosen't have to kill to stay alive Man ... the animal is it's provider See the darkened lebanise skies See

Krisiun - Eyes of eternal scourge lyrics

beast - devoured in wait Dweller of the pits of the ... earth Banished from grace - king of nightmares realm ... Effigy of perpetuation Extensions of vicious natural joy Spawn of primordial

Esoteric - Eyes of darkness lyrics

our childhood, we live in fear. Of all that we hear, ... never-ending tears: Ignorance so absolute, within their ... minds so small. Into the depths of their

Jeff Scott Soto - Eyes of love lyrics

at the eyes... U tell me u want ... everything that I have But every time I try 2 ... give all u do is bringing me down, ... yea yea U feed me your lines, lay ... your hands over me But all's I ever get from u a

Kaledon - Eyes of fire lyrics

Dragon wants To use his eyes Against Azrael And Daeniel listens Into his heart ... His voice to speak And the eyes Change their ... essence, Flesh and blood In light and fire

Lake Of Tears - Eyes of the sky lyrics

opened my heart when you opened your eyes And I beheld the dawn of the ... hidden sky I felt a breeze, so gentle and mild And when I glanced the sunrise,

Lizzy Borden - Eyes of a stranger lyrics

you when I look into your eyes But when I hold you I feel ... you're as cold as ice You stare a hole in me that chills me ... to the bone Fatal attraction into the unknown In

Machine Head - Eyes of the dead lyrics

am no longer alive Somewhere along this life I have died ... inside My soul has been denied Rise of the black hearts We take to the ... skies The Ravens of omen We don't go down

Primus - Eyes of the squirrel lyrics

Eyes of the Squirrel are watching The Eyes of the ... Squirrel are watching The Eyes of the Squirrel are watching ... Barry swing his bat Piano playing cats Big mouth drunken

Fleetwood Mac - Eyes of the world lyrics

people, tell you no lie my heart was breakin', i'll tell you ... why back and forth, lies unfurl... in ... the eyes, in the eyes, in the eyes, in the eyes of the world....

Gruntruck - Eyes of stone lyrics

wish I had those eyes Those eyes that look like stone Could ... travel far and wide Eyes of stone, eyes of stone, eyes of ... stone Well, I'll just beat the drum Until the evening

Impellitteri - Eyes of an angel lyrics

on the floor from a shot in the heart Spinning ... from the lies and a life in the dark Messing ... with my mind, I could barely see Just another lesson ... that I did not need Then the

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - Eyes of a stranger (payola$ cover) lyrics

touch you to see if you're real? 'Cause in nothing there's ... something I feel Can my heart take the strain? Or will ... it break down again? In your lips, I sense a

Agnetha Fältskog - Eyes of a woman lyrics

met her at the airport, we talked on the plane She saw that I was downcast and said it was a shame. I gave her all the ... reasons for being in despair She said that explanations

Ancient - Eyes of the dead lyrics

not dead my fire burns Procession of ... my rotting worms Heads in hand and silent moans Rotting ... cloth remains on bones Furious yet I ... ride with ease Grand invisions of crushing knees

Angra - Eyes of christ lyrics

of Christ Demian poor child was raised on the gutter Digs ... in thrashcans to kill the hunger When ... your mouth is so full of promisse All i see is one ... empty hand The world may turn but some things never

Ark Storm - Eyes of the free will lyrics

you feel like a loser All the fussin' will bring your ... brain down Still you try not to ... take the call See what is true Don't you let them ... take control Who is saying anything That really makes

Aloe  Blacc lyricsAloe Blacc - Eyes of a child lyrics

let your spirit be free Dreams are meant to come true so ... dream as big as you wanna be Remember that love is sacred and happiness is the key ... And if you wanna change the world then be the change that you wanna see Make a

Charles Manson - Eyes of the dreamer lyrics

s all in the eyes of a dreamer It's all in the eyes of a ... man All the things that we've done in life And all ... the things that we've planned Can the world be sad as it seems Where are man's

Sinamore - Eyes of may lyrics

this nothingness I see your face Craving for truth Rain ... colours the sky above you I'll paint it blue, ... I touch your name And feel the pain of loss Take me away with your eyes of may My everything is nothing,

Dionysus - Eyes of the world lyrics

to see what I wanted to be It never got out of my soul To really fullfill ... what my dreams 've always been Though sometimes it ... feels just too far What if I never had chosen this path? What if this might never

Dragonheart - Eyes of hell lyrics

rolling of fire The rising of evil No choice you have I'm ... the Watcher I'm rolling the dices ... I'm twisting your fate Confronting the mystic charade You'll find the souls...

Eyefear - Eyes of madness lyrics

words I long for I will not fade away Knowing reality turns ... to tragedy Blinding, haunting Beyond the realm of darkness Blinding, dawning ... Before my eyes Binding with magic

Final Breath - Eyes of horror lyrics

in my brain Worst picture I have ever seen This memory ... never disappears Will I go insane This ... night back long ago My tomb is what I saw Dug ... so deep down six feet You can't escape the hellish heat

Krypteria - Eyes of a stranger lyrics

nos in tentationem Ne inducas nos in tentationem What ... to do now, where to go now, what to try now? I must confess ... I am impressed, that one's a knockout What I feel seems

Mark Lanegan - Eyes of a child lyrics

through the eyes of a child And it won't be real Eyes ... neither hateful or cruel No lies conceal Eyes that wander, eyes that ... strayed While the shame in your heart Remains

Loudness - Eyes of a child lyrics

mother without her son Stares out silently Into the ... emptiness And weeps into the dawn ... Flesh of flesh Blood of blood Will never die A father without his son Bests

Tim Mcgraw - Eyes of a woman lyrics

was rough, he was tough And he drank his whiskey straight He would fight every ... night if he didn’t get his way She was kind she could find ... all the good in everyone And then one day she passed his

Andre Nickatina - Eyes of a child lyrics


Ram ( Swe ) - Eyes of the night lyrics

the starways Swift astral flight In from beyond and back Seeking the conjurer ... Seeking the one that calls for us tonight We owe ... him allegiance We are the eyes of the night Once we were

Ayreon - Eyes of time lyrics


Borealis - Eyes of a dream lyrics

is that maiden dressed in black Her head down and walking ... slow Her black hair fies straight back The rain hits Hard and cold He wants to meet ... her eyes just once She glances up then down He'll not

Cage - Eyes of obsidian lyrics

I was a child then it came. A night full of thunder and rain I would be never the same ... I wish that I never had seen what no one would ... ever believe. Playing tricks that my eyes

Camel - Eyes of ireland lyrics

now boys, my grandmother said - I'll tell you a story and then off to bed. There ... once was a time, we lived off the land. Harvest would ... come, and we all lent a hand But winds blew our lives

Paul Carrack - Eyes of blue lyrics

want to know how does it feel ... Behind those eyes of blue You've made your mistakes And now your heart aches ... Behind those eyes of blue People may say you've

Chimaira - Eyes of a criminal lyrics

rage has overcome No more will I ... shun These thoughts I've had This lie I've lived I let ... them put the blame on me Engulfed in hate ... Retaliate You can't conceal these thoughts You can't

36 Crazyfists - Eyes of lies lyrics

love you I hate you The one that kills me ... And without it All bets off Can't erase it, leave Eyes of lies Eyes of lies ... Together It's on The one that held you And we call Your

Crematory - Eyes of suffering lyrics

full of illusions - But eyes filled with pain What ... yesterday was still today - Is tomorrow against away ... new built within From mistakes will be learn - But reached stolen mind As is to

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