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Verwandte Künstler: In the shadows, In the valley below, In the woods, Papa to kiss in the dark, A day in the life, Caught in the act, Chris oliver & anita - i sing in the rain, Dog in the parallel world orchestra

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - In the hood lyrics

about to see, occured along the main training root, on the ... border between the north and south. On a small ... Crane Village. [RZA] What the f*** y'all niggas thought,

Aesthetic Perfection - The devil's in the details (remix by :sitd:) lyrics

deplorable What would your mother think? No disguise can hide ... Just hope you're ready cuz the devil thinks that you're the ... I'm ready 12x Down low In a hole The fear won't stop the sound No need for misery

Lil' Scrappy - Money in the bank (remix) lyrics

Cash Register Ringing Up A Sale,Im Rich Bitch!] ... [Chorus x4:] I Got Money In The Bank (Yea) Shawty What ... I Stay To Myself A Nigga Thinkin Bout Change Comtemplating

Lil' B - Still in the hood lyrics

I do what I do but I'm so into you I can't let go You ... see me in this trap, you see me in the ... Trapville, we kickin it '65 Still in the hood, ... still in the hood Still in the hood bitch (You f***in with

Jamiroquai - All good in the hood lyrics

but you're cherry picking love grenades Throwing them at me again Don't let me ... Don't wanna see ya Smashing up all those dreams That's the way it's always been All

G-unit - Catch me in the hood lyrics

rap shit plays a major part in my life She looked for jack ... but realize that i got the ride Well send a muthaf***er ... tonight G-Unit And i aint sleepin till my click pop em

Capricorn - Mob in the 'hood lyrics

it up when the sun goes down Getting loaded ... my mind all stones Double action ... time to kill, gonna hit another cop From downtown gutter ... To the red light district I Feel so

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Busted in the hood lyrics

way back, when I was a teen In the hood, on the corner, ... slangin dope to fiends Had the little stash that could serve ... but I got weed for me Ridin for my fam, tryin to hit a

Lil Eazy E - Boyz in the hood lyrics

.... ..... ........... ......... ............ .... ...... ..... ............ ........ . . ........ ............. ... ... ...... . ........ .......

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Every soldier in the hood lyrics

Yo, yo, yo, yo Not moving, soon Don't stand over there Shaolin over here, chill, ... Raekwon] To every soldier in the hood, go in To every ... real nigga holding, keep your ones on folding

Sarah Mclachlan - Possession (rabbit in the moon remix) lyrics

and I would, and I would be the one And I would, and I would ... and I would be the one To hold you down And I ... and I would, and I would be the one And I would, and I would

Lola Monroe - Throw it in the bag (remix) lyrics

ain't the type to wear my heart on my ... All I wanna believe is in the M.O.E. You know me how I do ... ride around in Bentley coop's Got no need I ... got me then you can through and you

Dubstep - Ellie goulding - dead in the water (remix) lyrics

much to you And I would tell the truth Cause I can hardly ... breathe When your hands let go of ... me The ice is thinning out And my feet brace themselves I'm there in the

Lisa 'left Eye' Lopes - In the life lyrics

(riches) Bet you I'mma be the richest [Verse 1:] I ... months, class act I was racin' down the block As a matter ... I am) I stacked bars Comin' through your system in them

Rick Ross - "no church in the wild remix" lyrics

rick ross] prime 112 behind the double doors as i rewind the ... devils floors pass across the courts your life's lost ... a virtue? heard that you're the boss your informer's correct

Gramatik - In my hood lyrics

My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My

Ja Rule - The pledge (remix) lyrics

Ash] There's no me [Nas] In the beginnin, it was me (blastin) ... Nas (I'm blastin) [Nas] I stood alone ... never leave [Nas] Murder Inc. y'all [Jah] It's

Public Enemy - Livin in a zoo (remix) lyrics

Wit a frown that's down Low in the meddle of jeep beats So ... I'm makin a point Not stickin butts or blunts But the Terminator X And the rhythm he cuts

Dorrough - Hood chick fetish lyrics

up Say, I admit I got a hood bitch fetish Lil' mama got a ... tat and a ring on her belly I love the way ... she dance, I love the way she walk She from the ... when she talk Yeah, she from the hood, but she sure got class

Dorrough - Hood song lyrics

city (Dallas, Texas) From yo hood to my hood (say) Right now, I ... present, to the world... Tomeka Pearl [Hook: ... hand Cross my heart Want nothing see me apart From my home,

Keke Palmer - Hood anthem lyrics

Know What It Means To Be Hood. They Think Ur Just A ... And Ur Up To Know Good. They Think These Brothers Don't ... Know Nothing Else But Bling And White Tees. And They Think That All These Women Can Do

Maino - Hood love lyrics

they love it when I come through ... Rollin' like a thug dude, top down, ... glidin' in some new I got 'em like oh, ... oh, oh I get hood love, oh, oh, oh, hood love

Robert Miles - In the mix lyrics

- Offshore 4:14 2 Goldie - Inner City Life 3:35 3 Prana - ... - House On Fire (Andy Ling's Aryan Vocal Mix) 4:52 ... Remix - Andy Ling 10 Underworld - Pearl's

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - In my hood lyrics

Verse 1] Niggas screw they face up at me On some real ... shit son, they don't want beef I cock that ... aim that shit out the window Spray, there ain't a ... hit with a K round, ya ass ain't gon' make it You niggas

Lil' B - Beez in da hood lyrics

music down bruh, we listening to that Bitchmob shit bruh. ... Hey, go into the other room and tell that little ... (What it be) Nigga I sucked the ho's p**** and I licked that

Compton's Most Wanted - Hood took me under lyrics

got another gang story to tell. Peep, ... how a black nigga was born in hell. And right then and there it's no hope cause a ... nigga can't escape the gangs and the dope. Damn!

Konshens - The realest remix feat bounty killer lyrics

song Dis is a prayer to the father Guide my steps as yuh ... Whole heap a people mek badmind tek dem ova Cah dem a try ... mi a call pon di strength of the father To help mi fi work fi

Satyrian (danse Macabre) - The dark gift (the lygophilia remix) remix by.. lyrics

are like mourners when they stand and cry At open grave ... in wind and rain. Yes, it is death. But you ... shall rise again Your sun return to this ... benighted sky. I plunge in flood and flame, Suffer

Ancient - The draining (remix) lyrics

is your sleep? That I may not interrupt your turbulent dreams? ... Disrupting the sanity of slumber, the vile ... and wretched creature from the astral realm stands right

Lil' B - Hood played out lyrics

It's Lil B Why do they hate me? I'm a go f*** they ... bitch I'm like Skinny Pete, I'm on that gangsta ... shit I roll with the clique, f*** if you think I'm

116 Clique - In ya hood lyrics

all done messed up and let us in ya hood To preach the way the truth the life in ya hood ... Forget the 'lac with the steering wheel made of wood ... It's time we see the truth of Christ in ya hood

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - The hood lyrics

Rae. [Raekwon] To my hood, I'm always there for you Rain, hail, sleet, snow, and I'm there For all the ... yo we here My life is all in your soul, daily, since nana

Demon Hunter - The last one alive (the face remix) lyrics

Does anyone still hope to set their eyes beyond this place? ... reigns, where time dissolves the brightest flame. Wherether ... I'm the last one alive, or ascend

N.w.a. - Boyz-n-the hood lyrics

Just thought that I had to be in compton soon I gotta get ... drunk before the day begin Before my mother starts ... bitchin' about my friends About to ... go and damn near went blind Young niggaz at the pad

C-clown - In the car (intro remix version) lyrics

motago meoreojyeo gan urin dan duri cha aneseo Ah ah ... mossarasseotji geuttaen urin jeongmal yeonghwacheoreom ... meomchun deusi Just sitting here duriseo neoneun

Fat Joe - The profit lyrics

Chorus] We gettin money man I'll show you how ... to turn profit In the hood they call me Joey the profit ... First you cop it Then you cook it Then you chop

Nina Sky - In a dream remix lyrics

in a dream you're here, next to ... me. I'm makin' your every fantasy come true ... in my dreams, I'm with you. ... Ooh, in a dream you're here, next to ... me. I'm makin' your every fantasy come true

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - The good, the bad and the ugly lyrics

Consequence ] Good morning America, good morning to ... gave me good head while watching good morning America And ... day New York, have a good day in court My niggaz drive around

Jason Chen - The fighter (remix) lyrics

completely helpless? So lost in your troubles like life is ... how to hard you try, things will never get better ... But you still reach for the sky It's like the whole

Lil' B - The game on lock lyrics

my dick, I cannot wait Keep the.45 on my side like a prom ... date Me and two shooters, twin Glocks with the rubric Don't ... look when he's shooting, just pop in and do it Got the same gun that Pac did in

Kendrick Lamar - Hood politics lyrics

dot, pick up the phone, nigga. Every time I ... call, it's going to voice mail. Don't tell ... me they got you on some weirdo rap ... shit, nigga. No socks and skinny jeans and shit. Call me on

Ja Rule - The inc is back lyrics

Intro - Shadow - talking] Geah, Lou turn it up a ... Yeah (Queens) Yo this Shadow in this motherf***er (holla) ... Representin Hoodstock (Hussein) The Stock Family nigga

Lil' B - The working man lyrics

this for the working man You know I got a plan I ... gon' wake up late and I hate the morning When I hear the ... it's way too early I'm throwing water on my face and I get the table I got a wife and two

Drake lyricsDrake - The resistance remix(feat termanology) lyrics

Yesterday when we were gettin high You were invited, you ... well I said that we can kiss the past goodbye But you weren't ... excited, there's no way to fight it You

Kurupt - In a low low (feat. e-40 & the rejects) lyrics

Intro:] Rejects! Rather R Gang nigga With Kurupt ... though We creeze ho Tear the beat like this Look here ... bitch [Bridge: x2] If it ain't OG, oh girl that's a no no

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - The return remix lyrics

E. Fresh)] Yo, this Tone the referee, knawhatimean? And I ... m about to bring y'all some history We got the best of both worlds And I ... got the Get Fresh Crew Doug Fresh!

Shawn Mendes lyricsShawn Mendes - In my blood remix (feat. charlie puth) lyrics

me, it's like the walls are caving in ... Sometimes I feel like giving up But I just can't, it isn ... t in my blood Laying on the bathroom floor, feeling nothing I'm overwhelmed and insecure Give me something I

Different Heaven - The girl (remix) lyrics

to Boston Lives in a world she’s lost in ... of compromise He's staring at her Aberdeen heart ... bone She’s a whistle in the catacombs A paradox.

Ice Cube - The nigga trapp lyrics

I know you don't like me spittin in your motherf***in face ... But ain't a motherf***in thing, you can do, about a nigga ... Punk motherf***er! Some people may

La Roux - In for the kill (remix) lyrics

desires But when we start making fires We get ever so hot ... Whether we like it or not They say we can love who we trust ... devotions And what are feelings without emotions?

Ruff Ryders - The hood lyrics

this shit right for the thugs in the street Do yall ... here...will get you mugged in the street [Beanie Seagal] ... Trademark niggas eyes, give them perminant scars Twist

Axwell - In the air (axwell remix) lyrics

the fire burnin' (burnin') Hear the love callin' ... (callin') I can see it comin' (comin') Can you feel it in ... the air ? Can you feel it in the airrrrrrr? Feel the

Wyclef Jean - The gambler remix lyrics

Jean] Yo I'm happy to be in the South To set off my tour in the countryside But who better ... Yo this Kenny Rogers chillin on the country side With men

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - Back in the game lyrics

amp;quot;It's true - the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang, could be ... right here y'know [Inspectah Deck] Yeah, the ... employees of the year yeah we're back to work

The Game - The drill lyrics

Verse 1: Ace Hood] Damn, thank God momma son ... twenty three Still remembering a struggle hidden deep in me ... Momma gone, ain't no single daddy memory I became my

Kazaky - In the middle (stage rockers remix) lyrics

baby come party to night In the middle In the middle In ... the middle In the middle right now In the ... middle In the middle In the middle In the middle right

Josh Ritter - The remnant (remix) lyrics

who you are old man keep running I caught your trail as you ... left the pines Out into the fields where you couldn't ... hide nowhere Just a thin stitch up against the rising

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - In the middle (hyper remix edit) lyrics

m caught up in the middle Jumping through the ... riddle I'm falling just a little tonight (uh uh ... Cos everybody's making trouble Someone's burst their bubble But we'll be getting by alright (uh uh uh) I'm

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - The invitation lyrics

I had five hundred grams in fifty-fifty-eight bags Four ... hundred Benz eight-thousand in cash. Then the ball dropped, ... eyes turned red Told myself in the mirror nigga you ain't

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - The brewery lyrics

Verse 1: Raekwon] Still shining, keeping my toes close ... Catch me on the quieter, flip something up bring your llama close So y'all ... know I have a gun team They don't hang, phones calls one

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