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Verwandte Künstler: Walk off the earth, On the way, 2 brothers on the 4th floor, Fiddler on the roof, New kids on the block, Rin on the rox, Blood on the dance floor, Blood on the risers

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Walk on the wild side lyrics

came from Miami, FLA Hitch-hiked her way across the USA Plucked her eyebrows on the way Shaved her legs and then ... he was a she She says: "Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side" Said: "Hey honey, take a walk on the wild side

Eskimo Callboy - Walk on the thin line lyrics

take my hand, let’s take a walk on the thin line. Do you ... know how the story ends? Show me a world ... that is worth to die for. Love against the law, scar by scar.

Marvin Gaye - Walk on the wild side lyrics

hear what I'm saying Sinner, you've been ... swinging, not praying One day of praying and six nights of ... fun The odds against going to heaven, six-to-one You walk on the wild side

Britt Nicole - Walk on the water lyrics

look around It's staring back at you Another wave of ... Will it pull you under You wonder What if I'm overtaken ... What if I never make it What if no one's there? Will you

Evils Toy - Walk on the clouds lyrics

something special something erotic avenue of ... dreams in the sky without any fear look out on the oceans deep blue lost waves of ... senses a picture of heaven in blue Something real

Colton Dixon - Walk on the waves lyrics

tell me your name What are the reasons For the sorrow on ... your face? What broke your heart? What stole your faith? ... You may not believe it But it won't

Sahara Hotnights - Walk on the wire lyrics

comes and my baby's not here I make lonely ... weekend calls I got to tell you ... something A kid saying I won't be bad no more Come on ... come on did you ever see my ghost

Deborah Lurie - Walk on the beach lyrics

......... ...... ......... ........... ............ .............. ............ ..... .......... .............. ............. .............. ..............

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Walk on the water lyrics

last night, I went for a walk Down by the river near my ... t believe, with my own eyes And I swear I'll never leave my ... home again I saw a man walking on the water Coming

Great Big Sea - Walk on the moon lyrics

it just me or a message from above Bells are ringing, push has finally come to shove The ... opened just enough I'm sick and tired of waiting For dreams ... that never come Like a game I never played in And still

Alan Jackson - Walk on the rocks lyrics

seventeen years behind bars And lookin' back on his mistakes He sat down and poured ... out his heart When his son came to see him today He ... spoke with a voice that trembled Tryin' to hold back the tears He said I ain't

Dare - Walk on the water lyrics

light a candle just blowing with the ... wind Mist on the water is still my only friend I ... can remember the beauty of her face I won't ... forget her Her such amazing grace And i prayed to

Sara Paxton - Take a walk lyrics

the people there drivin in there cars Drivin in there cars, ... drivin in there cars tonight And all the people there ... getting in there cars Underneath the stars Driving in there

Roger Daltrey - Who's gonna walk on the water lyrics

my eyes Show me how to see ya Come on, hold out your hand ... Rap me 'round your finger To be ... interior designed Let me be conditioned To do the crawl on the floor Looking for the mission Speak with my tongue Tell

Ella Fitzgerald - Let's take a walk around the block lyrics

never traveled further North than old Van Courtland ... Park and never further South than the aquarium I ... ve seen the charm of Jersey City, but first ... let me remark I saw it from the empire state solarium But

4him - Walk on lyrics

wind blows hard The climb is slow Shadows are dark I stumble on these stones ... But my Lord, You are near I will not fear CHORUS I ... chose to take this road called faith I will walk on I

Anouk - Walk to the bay lyrics

come around telling me you don't need me no more You say it ... is all about to end If you got ... nothing more to say then shut your pie hole Just walk away and leave me lonely

David Byrne - Walk on water lyrics

can walk - on the water But he can't stop fallin' ... in He's livin' underwater But he don't know how to ... swim He's got amplifiers, microphones Record

Britt Nicole - Britt nicole - walk on the water lyrics

look around It's staring back at you Another wave of ... Will it pull you under You wonder What if I'm overtaken ... What if I never make it What if no one's there? Will

Audio Adrenaline - Walk on water lyrics

Peter won't you put those nets down ... follow me I'll lead you out of this town to a ... place where no boat has ever been I will make you a ... fisher of men Jesus walked out on the water said take courage it is me Peter

Ian Hunter - Walk on water lyrics

flame tormented soul tried to ... get lost in all that rock and roll Came crashing through ... here like some hurricane too much too soon for you ... little flame [chorus] You can't walk

Jackob's Dream - The violent truth lyrics

in hell, that's where I live in an ... struggle to survive Concrete jungle meshed with steel ... Will I make it out alive? Take a walk on the wild side Take what you want but live in

Miranda Lambert - Take it out on me lyrics

are the last words that I'll say to you You know damn well ... what brought it on I can't believe I've been a silly ... fool To let it go on this long You never let life get

Moonspell - A walk on the darkside lyrics

you dream inside Her sleep of death. ... keep your soul Until she claims it back. A darkness ... without end. Morning was drained. Here comes the rain.

Ball David - A walk on the wild side of life lyrics

re not gone,really gone You'll be back, I know you ... will You're just taking a walk On the wild side of life ... In my house are many heartaches Loneliness is all around Since you left for the

The Adverts - On the roof lyrics

faced Was this what our elders taught? Dim the ... lights and live like story book I can ... t focus for the pinball I'm all shook up and I think I see ... it all But I know that it ain't that simple I got

Sky Ferreira - On the wire lyrics

you ready to sky dive? A little walk on the wild side ... Take a look at the world from 10,000 feet And the pulse of your heart starts to ... skip a beat Think you're ready to sky dive (I'll tie you

Project Pitchfork - Tale of a walk on the ice lyrics

was a cold winter day When we died in the morning ... light We walked on ice Holding hands Blended ... by the snow Blue sky Icy air stabing in the lungs We walked on ice In the morning

Elvenpath - On the elvenpath lyrics

the sunlight I can see the tears of wind and more Through the hills and through the seas my ... spirit feels at home In the distance I can see something ... strange is going on Evil shadows on my kingdom and my home

Silent Fall - On the top of the world lyrics

road is long Obstacles you'll have to climb ... This voice inside your head Telling you to carry on ... Disillusion will be part of your days Despair may

Kings Of Leon - On the chin lyrics

this boy i know whose afraid of the ocean never quite ... found love he drank the love potion Ill be on the chain smoking in the basement shattered like the windows

The Dubliners - The foggy dew lyrics

down the glen one Easter morn To a city fair rode I There ... Armed lines of marching men In squadrons passed me by No fife did hum ... nor battle drum Did sound it's dread tattoo But the Angelus bell

Van Morrison - Foggy mountain top lyrics

m standing by my window And I'm waiting on the summer rain And I'm standing by my ... window And I'm waiting on the summer rain Well, I felt ... this way before and I'm gonna feel this way again I've

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - On a foggy night lyrics

a foggy night, an abandoned road in a twilight mirror mirage ... with no indication of a service station or an all ... night garage, I was misinformed I was

Foy Vance lyricsFoy Vance - The wild swans on the lake lyrics

the leaves Neath an autumn moon Though soon the morn shall ... break For now The air is calm and cool And the wild swan’s on the lake Oh the wild

Lillian Axe - The grand scale of finality lyrics

the light of the early morn There were markings on the heads ... of the newly born There was fire in the air Questions ... that needed to be On the ground, an un-earthly shake There were rumors running round

Eddie Money - Walk on water lyrics

if I could walk on water and if I could find some way to ... prove If I could walk on water would you believe in me? ... My love is so true Na na na na na na na na na... Well I

Passion Pit - Take a walk lyrics

these kind of places Make it seem like it’s been ages ... some new building will scrape the sky I love this country dearly I can feel the ladder clearly But I never thought I’d

The Rabble - Take a walk lyrics

you know what it's like not to give up? ... you know how it feels to be hated? I'm sayin' - do you know ... what it's like? And I'll tell ya to - Tie yer

Edie Brickell - Take a walk lyrics

off your TV. Before you go crazy. Come out for a while with ... me. No dont be lazy? Tall trees whose shadows fall along sheeps meadow. Never know ... what we will see. Come take a walk with me. Well I know youre

George Jones - Walk through the world with me lyrics

with me; go where I go. Share all my my dreams with me, I ... need you so. In life we search and some of us find. I've ... looked for you a long, long time. And now that I've

Mr. Big - Take a walk lyrics

knocked Twice too late to stay on top of it all All for one, one for all. Push me, pull ... me, way too far One way or another someone's gotta take The fall, you better look at

Boston - Walk on lyrics

a look around and tell me what you see I guess that all ... depend on exaclty what you want it to be Is your cup half ... full? Is your cup half-empty? How can you get what you need in the land of

David Byrne - A walk in the dark lyrics

2, 1, 2, 3, 4 I'm takin' all your little toys away You ... don't have any say, so in your future The ... pretty colors and the shiny lights Do we just chase whatever we desire? Oh,

Spoon - Take a walk lyrics

break and you broke it all right in two And it won't ... get back together with stitches and glue And ... now that song's been sung It's just the ... cost of what's been done The cost of taking a walk with

Olivia Lufkin - Walk on by lyrics

m a little good girl I'm a little good girl He makes ... t know why He tries to change me And says he loves me ... Walk on by Todokanai koe ima ai ni aitai (His voice can't

Boston - Walk on (some more) lyrics

a look around tell me what you can see I guess that all depends on exactly what you ... want it to be Don't know all the answers everybody's running away, hey If you want to win the game then you know it's a shame not to play Everybody get

The Clipse - The funeral lyrics

they gag me bound me hollow point ... round me (I feel ya) Dump me off the side of a ... bridge and drown me (uh huh) Spare my ... family the details on how they found me (yes) Vigil by candle light and gather round me

Billy Currington - Walk on lyrics

re a modern day miracle Anything but a typical girl Mona Lisa on a sidewalk stand ... Superstar in a common man world Nothing's been so beautiful Wanna stop and ask

Jerry Reed - Take a walk lyrics

your left foot; Put it in front of the right. Now, take ... foot, Put 'er down in front of the left. Whoa! Son, you ... are on your way, now; You is going to take a walk. Left foot, right.

Mali Music - Walk on water lyrics

know what they say, "No one's perfect." Well neither am I, and I guess that's why ... nothing's working. They say God is Good. But how can that be? It feels I'm the proof,

U2 lyricsU2 - Walk on lyrics

love is not the easy thing The only baggage you can bring And love is not the easy thing ... The only baggage you can bring Is all that you can't ... leave behind And if the darkness is to keep us apart And if the daylight feels like

U2 lyricsU2 - Walk on lyrics

love is not the easy thing The only baggage that you can ... bring And love is not the easy thing The only baggage you ... can bring Is all that you can't leave behind And if the

Neil Finn - Take a walk lyrics

to split out my back door Sunrise dancing on my ... wall Heading down off beaten tracks Try to get that ... feeling back I could take a walk again Up a mountain to a stream Standing on the open

Kid Ink - Walk in the club lyrics

Hook] I might walk in the club Leave with the whole party See the light in my eyes ... We just getting it started Had a lot on my mind But, it's ... now I'm somebody I might walk in the club Leave with the

Leverage - Walk on home (japanese bonus) lyrics

believe That they're making up your stealing They ... just want your share They're overcome by greed Home ... is near We're done with month of riding They won’t get

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Walk on down lyrics

wonder why you got holes in your ... shoes You wonder why they got more money than you You ... wonder why you got nothin' to ... lose It makes no sense, don't try to figure it out You

Blessthefall - Walk on water lyrics

reading psalms to the dead Lighting candles to make amends For a voice Never to ... speak again Six feet under for what ... been Stop living like you walk on water Looking down on all those left to drown Stop

Jason Crabb - Walk on water lyrics

everybody lies everybody's done it sometime in their lives and we all slip, we don't mean ... to that don't mean you, can't make it right Chourus It ... s the path you take the steps you make that make you

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