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Verwandte Künstler: Icarus, Icarus witch, Line, The absence, The academy is..., The adverts, The afters, The agonist

Blessthefall - The fine line between love and hate lyrics

s a fine line between love and hate And ... you've crossed both There's a fine line between love ... both If I was a puppet then you'd be my master, To ... be alright You've crossed the border line, Crossed the

Rick Astley - The bottom line lyrics

we were out dancing the other night You almost got me ... into another fight You always want to ... prove you've got the touch, baby To make all the ... other guys want you so much But

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - The last line lyrics

is the first line here This is the first line ... as it disappears I know the last line The last line will ... never pull me in This is the second line here This is the

Dilated Peoples - The last line of defense lyrics

Evidence] Feel the pressure... Yo you better ... plan ahead, gather your thoughts I'm not gonna ... be the one wit no chair when the music stops The Orange Agent

Montgomery Gentry - The fine line lyrics

an angel right here on earth There was sure a fine line ... and her I went and married the woman I loved Three years of ... more angel I didn't deserve There was sure a fine line

Mika Nakashima - The dividing line lyrics

wa dare nan darou? -koete the Dividing line watashi ga ... ima utsushite miseru -koete the Dividing Line yukou koeru The Dividing Line kikoete iru

Another Animal - The thin line lyrics

me I know you don't know me the way that I know you, don't ... t make me leave you End of the line, end of my line-o It's ... a thin line between love and hate What am

Queensrÿche - The thin line lyrics

In her eyes again. Pacing the floor, The hunt begins. Skin ... tight leather provides my pleasure. Wake ... my fear, surge with the pressure. Walk away and

David Lee Roth - The bottom line lyrics

about meanwhile back at the ranch The ugly duckings ... blow this whole town out the back door Give 'em hell ... aww right We'll burn the bridges if we please (We'll

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - The bottom line lyrics

to surrender and that was the only way to win if somebody ... offered you the freedom to open your mind ... in so meet me down at the bottom line and open my

Nofx - The longest line lyrics

Not just a headlight Like the one that's heading right for ... Don't think I'll ever see the day I must have done ... milk and grapes are not Not the same, no I am the one Johnny

Blink 182 lyricsBlink 182 - The longest line lyrics

not just a headlight like the one that's heading right for ... don't think I'll ever see the day I must have done ... milk and grapes are not not the same, no I am the one Johnny

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The thin line between love and hate lyrics

makes a man decide Take the wrong or righteous road? There's a thin line between love ... see between good and bad There's a grey place between ... But everyone does have the right to choose the path that

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - The jungle line lyrics

on trumpet paths Safaris to the heart of all that jazz ... through wires and pipes The mathematic circuits of the ... and gospel pews Through the class on Park and the trash

Pilot Season - The starting line (feat. jan kucera) lyrics

mine she ́s everybody’s sweetheart her jacket glows, her ... but she can ́t fit the walkman cartridge into a ... belong here take me back to the starting line. Ariel, hold

Big Audio Dynamite - The bottom line lyrics

that's going around When the hits start flying, you gotta ... get down All the young people dance 'round the ... square The old time groove is really ... nowhere So when you reach the bottom line The only thing

Deafening Silence - The straight line lyrics

I am a killer, but I can feel the fear This dream in my head, ... every night is the same Where do we go, earth ... as been raped Beneath the surface, suffer and pain!

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The bottom line lyrics

a cat Dragged in from the rain Who goes straight back ... It's a hidden law The apple falls Destiny calls I ... follow you Like a pawn On the eternal board Who's never

Eyes Set To Kill - The forbidden line lyrics

walk past the forbidden line in hopes of finding A further distance A further ... distance All these thoughts are what brought ... ll always live alone Under the surface of shame Tell me

Musical Newsies - The bottom line lyrics

we need to sell more papers. There's an answer right before ... my hair, Trim a bit here and then Trim a bit there. Just a ... modest adjustment Can fatten the bottom line. BUNSEN: What

Keane - The starting line lyrics

but now you cant recognise the streetlights that are daggers ... bearings your slipping into the ground The scene has no ... still believe in me after the things i've done You fear

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - The other line lyrics

tell me the truth Don't make me wait too ... I'm sitting here watching the tick of the clock I hear my ... And this tension just cuts to the bone Get out or give me

Elvis Costello - The crooked line lyrics

a game won or tied Lost by either side Then some people's ... idea Of the straight and narrow didn't ... I'll find you waiting At the very end of this crooked line

Dark Tranquillity - The dividing line lyrics

Dance the dividing line We shall burn the earth ... shall burn our lives For the tallest tree shall battle ... most The wind it leaves the week behind The storm that

Musical Newsies - The bottom line /nie to iste/ lyrics

Cowboy or convict, I win either way. Your abject surrender ... was always the bottom line. "Gentlemen, escort ... our guest to the cellar so he might reflect in

Neuraxis - The thin line between lyrics

a world untamed To explore the boundaries of what is known ... to man Searching for the balance, a road to a fate ... Rules applied in the past, centuries of deceit and

Snow Patrol - The finish line lyrics

I hear A magic trick makes the world disappear The skies ... are dark, they're dark but they're clear A distant ... motorcade and suddenly there's joy The snow and

Ghost Machinery - The last line of defence lyrics

game is on, I'm on the prowl The search goes on and on The ... to win Be prepared, it's the end of the world Hear me now ... or die I'm the madness, I'll reign I'm the

Broken Arrow - The gothic line lyrics

our life fade away We feel the breath of the wolf One light ... lefter, creeps on the snow Now we've got to be ... strong Hear the nazis get near Fire! Do it

Genesis lyricsGenesis - The dividing line lyrics

has always been a dividing line But you choose, you choose, ... you choose not to see it And then you wonder why you fall It ... cuts through the heart of every city If you

Pantommind - The final line lyrics

day you'll find the answers, but they will breed ... more questions. Is there understanding still? If ... intrusion as you walk on in the land of illusion... In

Skinless - The front line of sanity lyrics

my friend We stand at the end We've failed to find The way out The falling of ... of liars Thieves and wrongs The new order of the land is to ... Where you stand Look to the edges of earth It's barren

Odd Dimension - The new line of times lyrics

on this earth Anymore, are they feeling this? Animals, are they gonna show All the feelings ... inside Love before the end of the road Growing far ... on the sea I will spread their way inside of me Anymore

Lamb Of God - The faded line lyrics

shames parade, the pain of blame repaid Its ... Hopeless...demon of another day Colorless...stoned, ... I made So faithless...the tenants long betrayed Walk the faded line, cursed crawl of

October Tide - The dividing line lyrics

the stalker The dagger behind your back Days ... path Fear are growing in the eyes of the underdog For ... each day we increase the obstacles Pushing you down

Project Pitchfork - The dividing line lyrics

park in the sunset Abandoned since years ... Just like the town A whole world ... No one is left to see The storm clouds in the air The ... tree Whisper to beware The memories descended Into an

Eddy Grant - Living on the front line lyrics

Oh you got me Living on the front line Oh you got me ... mama Living on the front line Oh mama You gonna mourn ... me in the wrong time Oh you got me

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - On the front line lyrics

from the ghetto there's no future for the poor ... Where the cops don't care if a bullet ... hits a bone Where's there's unemployment and no work ... rise to fight you all! On the front line On the front line

Culture Beat - Walk the same line lyrics

walk the same line We play the same game Why don't you see, ... I'm telling you now We walk the same line We share the same ... Are showing me how we'll beat the world around us Running our

Morrissey - (i'm) the end of the family line lyrics

with incredible style I'm the end of the line The end of the family line The end of the line No baby pulled screaming ... family tree hacked into decline And I'm spared the pain Of

Everything But The Girl - We walk the same line lyrics

right behind, cause we walk the same line. Now I don't ... have to tell you how slow the night can go, I know you've ... watched for the light. And I bet you could

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Jesus is on the main line lyrics

is on that mainline... tell him what you want ... Jesus is on that mainline... tell him what you want ... Jesus is on that mainline... tell him what you want

Foreigner - Rev on the red line lyrics

in a row, everybody knows At the green light you rev it on the ... red line Been waitin' all week to get ... my wheels on the street Get my hands on the ... wheel, slide down in the seat She's wearin' new

Nightstalker - Line lyrics

said you love me Then you shoot me at the back of ... head You said you need me Then you’re pushing me far away ... You got me running down the goddamn line again Last

Phish - Backwards down the number line lyrics

out candles once again Leave the presents all inside Take my ... s take a ride Backwards down the number line You were eight ... Do you know what happened then Do you know why we're still

Doobie Brothers - Livin on the fault line lyrics

us all There's a world that we always ... 'til it moves us Where the moon on the bay dances all ... alone Ramone, he draw the razor swift, it slice the air ... Down in Santo Domingo They laugh and play in the sleepy

Illy - The chase (feat. olivier daysoul) lyrics

I'm putting the pedal to metal Might as well ... cut the breaks Cause we don't stop ... too late Ayo, I'm putting the pedal to metal Red line for the chase Full tilt, we hit the

Refused - The deadly rhythm lyrics

Stuck by deadly rhythm of the production line Stuck by ... deadly rhythm of the production line This power ... Stuck by deadly rhythm of the production line Stuck by

Magnum - Walking the straight line lyrics

t treat it light Remember there's two sides, you'll make it ... all right No magic potion, there's no way to tell Could be ... you break Walking the straight line Hope it's the

Marmozets - The perfect beverage lyrics

so cold hearted We're at the front line of our victory ... t think too hard We're at the front line of ourselves again ... so cold hearted We're at the front line of our victory

Sleeping At Last - The sea of atlas lyrics

so we plead for night, and the sun keeps on spilling light. ... there’s a fine line, a fine line in between our ... for more. a design flaw? or the olive branch that proves the

Kraftwerk lyricsKraftwerk - The telephone call lyrics

(has been disconnected) (The number you have reached) ... to get a connection on the telephone line You're so ... to get a connection on the telephone line You're so

Iron Fire - The gates of cybertron (bonus track) lyrics

thousand men will fall by the throneright The ancient tree ... will make new the soil Step aside with my ... and what was our enemies The return of king has brought us

Conflict - The greatest show on earth lyrics

take your cash Anarchy is the line. Buy your anarchy t ... sweatshirts are a popular line I've got the "Crass ... you fine I've got a lovely line in anarchist ties, some &quot

Red Rider - Walking the fine line lyrics

my job in the darkest place I'm going to ... longest ride I talked to the man with the busy pen I'm ... tired of being on the losing end I'm going to ... pride Walking that fine line Between the sun and the sky

Cher Lloyd - The clapping song lyrics

6, 9 The goose drank wine The monkey chew tobacco on the ... streetcar line The line broke, The monkey got choked ... And they all went to heaven in a ... little row boat My mother told me If I was goody

Skyclad - The one piece puzzle lyrics

up the fragments and piece them together Tell me do you ... Are your thoughts like the earth spinning round? ... mine Now we've come to the end of the line. Why is life

Allegaeon - Across the folded line lyrics

through an irrational gaze The future in reverse a path to ... Zero volume infinite density the hourglass of humanity burns ... our fate as we travel across the folded line Backwards in

Aaron Carter - The clapping sound lyrics

1] 3, 6, 9 The goose drank wine The monkey ... chew tobacco on the streetcar line The line broke, the monkey ... got choked And they all went to heaven in a

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