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Verwandte Künstler: Eddie and the cruisers - songs from the film, The operation m.d., The devil wears prada, The gates of slumber, The new christy minstrels, The citizens of halloween, The black eyed peas, Run the jewels

Snow Patrol - We can run away now there all dead & gone lyrics

step too far is not far enough, Away from here. Stay ... close to me, don't relax your grip on my ... right hand. But you are all I really ... want, In this life. You could be the

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The devil in stitches lyrics

fall down without warning, Cherry lipstick on the ... teat of dangerous curse. She had a ... bulletproof mind and big pawn-shop eyes And nothing you ... say would get to her. So don't look home an an angel with

Ommega - The hope, the bread and the wine lyrics

the sun is going down Eyes reflect it´s light They we´re waiting all around On ... the plain of the night. Here comes the Savyor ... Holding up the bread He makes a healthy lie

Omega - The hope, the bread and the wine lyrics

the sun is going down Eyes reflect it´s light They we´re waiting all around On ... the plain of the night. Here comes the Savyor ... Holding up the bread He makes a healthy lie

Neon Hitch - We can't stop lyrics

breakfast is Jack in the caravan this is Norma Jean ... before the Marilyn just when you thought I'd been silent, ... my tribe gearing up for a riot, if you're not ready to go home, can i get

Empire Of The Sun - We are the people lyrics

can remember swimming in December Heading for the ... city lights in 1975 We share in each other Nearer ... than father The scent of a lemon drips from your eyes We

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - We can go anywhere lyrics

down Things have been a little crazy Right now It ... s time to get away You can find out What it is you're ... really after Time is on our side C'mon we're leaving

Lil Kim - We can dealt wit lyrics

[talking]: Just show me the Bounce J, once I get the bounce, I'mma be good. Niggas gon ... hate me I get that. Then I'll have everything J.D. ... [overlapping Mase] F***in' with my dough is like f***in

Family Of The Year - The stairs lyrics

sleeps in beds when you've got the sunrise Wasting time watching informercials ... live on channel 9 Us and Billy Mays, nowhere else to ... rile Stealing blankets, sleeping in a pile They made the sunrise for people

Brennan Heart - We can escape lyrics

the people to be like f***ing machines we can escape ... cause there is a place where we can be ... free from all the rage from all the lies we ... open the skies realize that we don’t live if we don’t feel

Lobo (group) - We can make it lyrics

Can Make It Well I have known you A long long time you ... You have been driving me Out of my mind cause I ... I look in your eyes And I know what I see I know that you

Francis Davila - We can be anything (ft. lnyx) lyrics

morning glowing TV screens Superheroes caped and ... captivating No one ever dreams of growing up to ... be Disappointing It's time to fight for ... some meaning To be worth the air that we're breathing I

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - We can make it better lyrics

Kanye West] ("Make It Up") We can make it better (&quot ... Make It Up") We can make it better ("Make ... It Up") We can make it better ("Make

Amery Rey Tuesta - The dark side of the hype lyrics

said. He knows, what we need in life To get this happiness ... Which everybody Is looking for He follows us, wherever we go Because so that he will ... say to us In the moment to buy What we should have Inside your mind He is riding to

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - We can start here lyrics

stars above the high trees Recognize, see it ... s own destiny And all the reasons to believe Our ... future from tonight is through I'm talking ... to you... I know you feel the same way We know the game we

Benea Reach - The mountain lyrics

up, without looking down Nothing can make us turn around ... We're gonna pull up and we won't stop Until we reach the ... top Climbing up the mountain On the steepest mountain

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The dragon hunters song lyrics

our days to come Like a dragon chasing life to burn And wonder how we end this game As ... on and on from stone to stone The monsters come and go And every one the step we follow

Jessica Mauboy - Can anybody tell me lyrics

go, I'll follow, is that so naive of me? It could be the ... wrong way, if it's not what it seems to be But ... when I look in your direction I erase all questions, fears

Prince - The continental lyrics

cut! Fade 2 black Now bring it up and let me kick the ... facts And I'm gonna do ya like u wanna... I'm ... gonna do ya like u wanna... I'm gonna do ya like u

Chuck Berry - Run around lyrics

knows that I love you, why can't we get along ? Lord knows ... that I love you, why can't we get along ? You don't have ... to run around, doin' things you know is wrong I'll

Gun Barrel - We will carry on lyrics

we all stand together as firm as a rock No time ... for losers no step back cause we can't stop All time winners ... all the time on the run Don't try to stop me cause we

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Run with me lyrics

story prisons in a line Livin' in this town Is a whole lot ... like dying I want to see what's still left to ... see And you really oughta run with me Baby, I knew right

Rufio - Run lyrics

me at the back door I got to see you ... coming from below I want to feel the sunlight in my ... hair So keep coming We can take it slow Oh, we can ... a little faster 'Cause even when we're still going to

Liberty X - The last goodbye lyrics

thought that I could feel the way I feel Summer's over, ... clouds appear and all that's left Are memories The sands of time rush ... by oh Can't even believe that this has been More than a daydream In the

Seo In Guk - We can dance tonight lyrics

my stage all night sutetekita ashita miru Sunlight omoi wa Large sawagu Energy madamada kizandeku kono ... My page (Everybody) Here we go (Rock your body) It’s my

Jefferson Airplane - Run around lyrics

time ,run around, Don't look and for me to go your ... You left me here with out anything to love I'll tell you ... I've had enough of your hands running round my brain, And I've had have enough of the

Empire Of The Sun - The world lyrics

asked the world a question When did you begin? I asked ... him of his problems When did you go wrong? My singing ... cells have power An army by my side You so want my mind You trick my time

Needtobreathe - We could run away lyrics

stops as we look towards the clock It feels like we're moving backwards It's easy to ... find potential in before But we look the same in the after ... So, could we wait long enough to bide my time Could we

E-type - Until the end lyrics

no regrets for moments gone Or the things we left behind since the beginning We have ... come a long way We know the dreams we had were much too ... much But we must keep in mind that what we did We did in

Empire Of The Sun - Ice on the dune lyrics

I was young I found Imagine what I saw Secret underground Changed the way I see Lost ... the child inside He ran away from me I’ve been ... reaching all out darling And I can’t operate now Someone

Haste The Day - The perfect night lyrics

s run as far as we can go tonight We'll leave this world ... behind and forget the memories Come on, run with me ... Come on, hold my hand Don't slow down, we're almost there Shake, shake, shake those

An Cafe - We can do it! lyrics

ga chirakatta shakai de migi ni narae to naranderu ... Sukikirai mo ie nai bokutachi wa hayari o ... kikazatta manekin ningyō Don't be swayed by ... those around you Go your own way Be yourself Seize the

Enya - The spirit of christmas past lyrics

tears are in your eyes It's time to look ... inside Your heart can find another way ... Believe in what I say- ... Don't throw this time away

James Vincent Mcmorrow - We don't eat lyrics

this is redemption, why do I bother at all There's nothing to mention, and nothing has changed Still I'd ... rather be working at something, than praying for the rain

Jarosz Sarah - Run away lyrics

me down through the cotton fields Moon shadow shine ... bright the way you will Lead us down a ... road where no one goes, We can run away Come take my

Jidenna - The let out (ft. quavo/nana kwabena) lyrics

Jidenna:] Everytime I pull up at the let out it's a spectacle ... Heard the shit was jumpin' like the wall that border ... Mexico This the only time we on time and on schedule

Gungor - We will run lyrics

in me a clean heart, a clean heart For I have turned my ... Your ways oh God, oh God For we have turned away from You ... Lord have mercy We will run to you, we will run to you

John Cougar Mellencamp - Ain't even done with the night lyrics

our hearts beat like thunder I don't know why they don ... t explode You got your hands in my back pockets And sam ... cooke's singin' on the radio You say that I'm the

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - The next step is love lyrics

I slipped away The sun is welcoming the evening shadows On a perfect day and the next ... step is love The next step is love We walked ... barefoot through the misty meadows Laughing at

Shinee - The world with you/ the world where you exist lyrics

yeah yeah yeah Kimi ni deatte kara Suki ni natte ... Taisetsuna mono ga tueteku Te wi tsunaida ... yuugure Happy rainbow (rainbow) Kono love song Sennen ... ga sugi demo (forever) Kimi ni all my love Kimi ga iru

Blood On The Dance Floor - The untouchables lyrics

re quick, but were much faster We're one ... trick, disaster Can't touch this Can't touch ... this Can't touch this Can't touch this You all know ... where, where we're from Little bitches

John Barrowman - The rose lyrics

love It is a river That drowns the tender reed Some say ... Some say love It is a hunger An endless aching need I ... say love It is a flower And you-it's only seed When

Dj Boonie - The rose lyrics

love it is a river That drowns the tender reed Some say ... Some say love it is a Hunger An Endless aching need I ... say love it is a flower and you it's only seed It's the heart afraid of breaking

The Dubliners - The rose (with "hothouse flowers") lyrics

love It is a river That drowns the tender reed Some say ... It is a razor That leaves the soul to bleed Some say love ... It is a hunger An endless aching need But I say

Emily Wells - Becomes the colours lyrics

became the color I become the daughter and the son When the feast is over welcome to another one Lay my body down down ... Down upon the water Wrapped up in the clothes of my mother and my father

The Kelly Family - The rose lyrics

it is a river that drowns the tender reed Some say love, ... Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need ... I say love, it is a flower, and you it's only seed

Mika Nakashima - The rose lyrics

love, it is a river That drowns the tender reed Some say ... Some say love, it is a hunger, An endless aching need. ... I say love, it is a flower and you, It’s only seed It’s

Seer's Tear - The 2nd man on the sun lyrics

should have been have by now But, won't you take a look ... at me? And all the while you stray to your ... Place of strength A stubber throne carved ... from Ignorance & of misconception, Images of consequence bearing down The pain of

At The Gates - The book of sand (the abomination) lyrics

despair eternal, deafening Watch it burn We run ... like rats - along the walls Rising higher - around ... solitary lives Deep in your dreams - the dead they

Nightstalker - The light lyrics

you say you hang on the cross And you say you feel ... fine You wanna live, you wanna forget But you don’t have the time So you thought you will ... beat the dead And you thought you’ll beat time

Azrael (jap.) - (we can) dream on lyrics

up Don't you go back to the past Rise up Show ... yourself that has grown Rise up Don't you ever never look back Rise up ... Fight against your weakness When we stumbled And

Andre Nickatina - The baddest bitch on the planet lyrics

you be the baddest bitch up in the world? Money aint a thing ... Baby you could ball or bounce Lip gloss, floss up your mouth Can I get the keys to your ... house? Your skin color keep 'em in a daze Its

I Fight Dragons - The geeks will inherit the earth lyrics

remember trying to talk to you in highschool ... Couldn't even get a look cause you were too ... cool But now we're older were playing by the new rules We lived and learned! 'Cause

Nick Kamen - We can make it lyrics

was like any other day My work is so gruelling ... Morning noon and night to make ends meet Sun ... beats down, sweat's rolling off my body We've got to ... see through this I'd rather spend my days alone with you

Kurupt - We can freak it lyrics

zzzzz, zzzzz, owwwwww Bounce, rock, roll, and skating ... Bounce, rock, roll, and skating Dipping down the street on ... platinum daytons [Kurupt] I been all around the world, Japan to

Tove Lo - Run on love lyrics

had one mission But I committed treason Can ... I caved for you So I am now a failure Everything I ... gave ya' Let's elope and live like you Trapped inside each other We don't even

Mean Messiah - The end lyrics

in the hole, buried in despair Drowning in darkness ... screaming for the light Waiting at the gates ... of Hell The end is just a step away Waiting ... for eternal sleep... ...for the moment when the dream Becomes the nightmare Your time

Newsboys - We come together lyrics

We're waiting for apologies, and we're ... waiting. We're both expecting sympathies. Another hour ... is gone. We sulk and carry on so stubborn-hearted.

Vinícius Galant - The amazing tale of the snake and the lion lyrics

walked out the door without a note Left your car keys in our ... bed Im trying to reach you on the phone Hanging on a line for ... too long Dancing along to that same old song I see

Rebecca Black - We can't stop ft. jon d (originally by miley .. lyrics

oooh oooh Red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere Hands in the air like we don't care ... 'Cause we came to have fun now Got somebody here might ... get some now If you're not ready to go home Can I get

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